ariel pink’s haunted graffiti / politely declined

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last ~24-48 hrs: woke up in Prague, got weird freezy drinks, went to letna beer garden, pleasant as fuck, went to bio oko (cute cinema), super cheap beer everywhere, hot Canadians explained how to buy weed from certain ppl in the sqr, saw sad fire dancer, wine drunk, beef chips, wandered, small dogs, spliff, jewish cemtary (graves like shale, fucked up teeth, ice cracking), watchedtiny dogs in the prk, went in search of bagels, found nachos, waiting out the rain, spliff w/ Woodrow Wilson, train, so cramped, Berlin when Germany won (sounded like war/glee), arriving and smoking immediately, space invader coffeeshop where 2 cute French men gifted us their hash cos they were leaving soon, hausboat cute as fu, flea market, floating flower market, accidental red light district, mary’s shourma, good Korean red bean bun, showers, coffee, wine, drawing, cool coffeeshop/bar, punk bar so cute bartender =Mary’s nu metal bf, French fries omg, home 2 hausboat 2 smoke. I am: hash sleepy, in a safe i.e. private space, close 2 (under)water, v. v. v. happy so so sooooo happy

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